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Stuff I will miss: birds of pray in the Jura and Saleve

See that smudge in the picture? That’s one of the things I will miss from this region, once I move back to the Netherlands. An owl I spotted near the Saleve mountains – probably a long-eared one. After six years of living in close proximity to birds of prey and having a few of them chasing sparrows in our back garden this is the first and last one I was able to identify. Birds of prey are everywhere in this region: circling the sky when farmers mow their lands, on poles along the road, in the grass tearing apart their food. In a few months I will have left Versonnex and I will miss  their quantity and  variety – and my fruitless attempts to tell them apart.


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Bird on border

Every year 25 million song birds and migrant birds are shot in France. That’s more than in any other European country. In the Swiss canton of Geneva, on the contrary, hunting has been banned completely. So the bird who chose to nest in this letter box of a customs office on the border between France and Switzerland has made a wise choice. The text reads: “Bird’s nest. Don’t put anything in the box. Thanks”

More information: http://www.komitee.de/en/actions-and-projects/france/bird-hunting

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