On February 10 2013 Marloes Schoonheim won the Studio Idzerda Story Competition. Click the link to hear the story (in Dutch)!


At the beach a girl is screaming in pain. With serious injuries she is taken to hospital. How is it possible she was hurt on such a popular beach spot? What poisonous stuff is hidden in the sand?

Not far from where tragedy struck, another young girl called Daan is utterly bored. That is, until she meets Nazim, who takes her on an adventure into the dunes. They discover a long-forgotten system of underground corridors. But they are not alone in their discovery. They run into a dirty business and get engaged in a poisonous plot…

“Gif” (Poison, 2012) is a children’s adventure written, in Dutch, by Theo Engelen and Marloes Schoonheim. It’s published by Leopold.Gif!

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