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Geese in the Dutch landscape

The Netherlands is a home for geese like nowhere else in Europe, according to the Dutch museum of nature Ecomare. Every year over 2 million of them arrive at the start of the winter from colder, northern areas to feed on Dutch pastures. Living on a green and lush polder, a typical Dutch bit of reclaimed land, I see the geese arrive in their impressive V formations and enjoy listening to their honking sounds. In the past, their arrival marked the season of frost (the V formation reminded people of the Dutch word for frost: vorst). As the climate changes, this is no longer the case and more geese don’t bother leaving the Netherlands: they stay here during the summer as well.


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Back in Amsterdam

Having lived around the globe for nearly a decade, Spouse and I moved back to the Netherlands early 2014. My new job at Doctors Without Borders takes me to the beautiful centre of Amsterdam on a daily basis.


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Best scones of Amsterdam

The English Bookstore in the old Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam offers an excellent collection of novels, judged by the store’s own book club, but also sells excellent scones.


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Vinyl in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has sixteen record stores. Some specialize in spoken word or soul and R&B, others cater to the growing number of vinyl collectors. Distortion Records is located in the Westerstraat in Amsterdam and sells independent record labels.


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The death of a barn owl


The first fox, badger, wild boar and owl I’ve seen in my life were French roadkill. This beautiful barn owl that I found today on the side of a départemantale was ringed in Sempach, Switzerland. He must have flown 200 km before he met his death.

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