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Video Game Industry Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

The average age of people who play video games is… 34. Those are my colleagues whom I have to support in research and education. Hm… Video games and learning course, I owe you big time for landing me in the 21st century.

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Standing Together

An incredible insightful, honest and touching blog from Robin Heyden, education consultant in California, about sexual harassment in the digital era. Bravo! Find more on Twitter #ripplesofdoubt

Stepping Stones


The recent uproar in the science blogging community has gripped my attention and held it there.  There is so much to reflect on here; so much for all of us to learn and apply. Let me begin this post with a brief recap.

Scientific American has an impressive blog network – scientists who regularly blog about their work, sharing ideas, lines of inquiry, and research with the larger science community. Bora Zivkovic is the Blogs Editor for Scientific American. I’ve never met him but have heard of him. A very charismatic guy, high energy, talented – someone who really captured and leveraged the power of online communities for doing good in science. In addition to the blogging community he built an extremely popular and successful conference, ScienceOnline, designed to …”cultivate the way science is conducted, shared, and communicated online.”

Well, the uproar started about two weeks ago with a post…

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Stuff I will miss: birds of pray in the Jura and Saleve

See that smudge in the picture? That’s one of the things I will miss from this region, once I move back to the Netherlands. An owl I spotted near the Saleve mountains – probably a long-eared one. After six years of living in close proximity to birds of prey and having a few of them chasing sparrows in our back garden this is the first and last one I was able to identify. Birds of prey are everywhere in this region: circling the sky when farmers mow their lands, on poles along the road, in the grass tearing apart their food. In a few months I will have left Versonnex and I will miss  their quantity and  variety – and my fruitless attempts to tell them apart.


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